Downtown St. Louis starts at the banks of the Mississippi River, where you’ll find Gateway Arch National Park.

Differently Abled Assistance

We want St. Louis to be accessible to all visitors and residents.

The following resources have been assembled by the Office on the Disabled to provide assistance to people who have all types of disabilities, including but not limited to hearing, seeing, mobility, developmental, and psychiatric.

Visit Accessible St. Louis provides a list of popular St. Louis attractions that accommodate those with disabilities as a resource for people with disabilities to make informed choices when visiting Saint Louis landmarks. Please note that the current information focuses on physical accessibility.

The Office on the Disabled will attempt to find further information if requested. To make this request, e-mail them directly or contact them at 314.622.3686 (telephone) or 314.622.3693 (TTY).

Travel Accessible St. Louis offers a list of transportation options for those visiting or residing in St. Louis.