A film production on the streets of St. Louis.

St. Louis Film Office

Our Mission

At the St. Louis Film Office, our mission is to serve as the official liaison between the film industry and the residents of St. Louis. We are committed to promoting the St. Louis region as a film-friendly destination and attracting film productions to our vibrant region. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to facilitate a seamless experience for filmmakers, providing them with the necessary resources, support and local talent to bring their creative visions to life. Our ultimate goal is to foster a thriving film industry in St. Louis, contributing to economic growth, cultural enrichment and the overall development of our local community.

Why St. Louis?

Great location, easy access, a favorable economy, four distinct seasons, cooperative city and county governments, a state tax credit and great transportation options are just a few of the advantages to filming in St. Louis.

Contact Us

For information about shooting your film in St. Louis, contact:

Kelley Hiatt
St. Louis Film Office Manager
(314) 992-0625

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Kelley Hiatt, St. Louis Film Office Manager.

Register Your Production

The St. Louis Film Office is here to help with all your production needs, from logistics to lodging. To get the process started, please fill out this brief form. Upon submission, your production will be officially registered with the St. Louis Film Office.

A film production crew on the streets of St. Louis.

Missouri Motion Media Production Tax Credit Program

Get your camera rolling in St. Louis! Find out how your production can benefit from the MO Motion Media Production Tax Credit.

St. Louis Location Guide

Find the perfect St. Louis location for your next production.

Forest Park features plenty of green space along with world-class attractions.

Crew & Services Directory

Need crew or support services for your production? Start the search here.

Location Manager Toolbox

Welcome to production in St. Louis. We are glad you are here! This toolbox is designed to answer general questions you may have about filming in St. Louis  It is important to know that the St. Louis film office covers the city of St. Louis as well as the 90+ municipalities that make up St. Louis County.

A film production crew in action on location in St. Louis.

Resident & Business Owner Toolbox

If you are approached about a filming opportunity on your property there are a few things you should know.

The “Painted Ladies” in Lafayette Square are meticulously restored 150-year-old Victorian mansions.

Why Production Companies are Choosing St. Louis

  • Diverse shooting locations
  • Impressive production crew base
  • Professional, diverse talent pool
  • State-of-the-art post-production facilities
  • 38,000+ hotel rooms region-wide with 8,000 in downtown St. Louis
  • Nonstop flights from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and more than 60 major U.S. cities
  • Extensive equipment rental
  • Stage space, soundstages, unique venues and theaters
  • Easy permitting system
The Gateway Arch is an example of the innovative architecture in St. Louis.