StilL 630 spirits line the bar in front of the distillery's library of distillates.


A combination of growth in the craft spirits industry, talented distillers and spirits enthusiasts has secured St. Louis’ spot on the global craft spirits map. And that’s a fact.

As a Midwest city, many people assume that St. Louis distillers focus on whiskey, but if you dig deeper, you’ll see the breadth and depth of our craft spirits, ranging from moonshine to rum to brandy. Gin is another example of the explosiveness of the industry.

Don’t get us wrong, though – we love whiskey, too. Missouri bourbon is even a distinct class and type of spirit. According to House Bill 266, any whiskey labeled as Missouri bourbon must be mashed, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled in the state. The bourbon must be made with corn grown exclusively within Missouri, and during the aging process, it must be kept in charred white oak barrels made in the state from wood harvested here.

If the spirit moves you, as they say, check out these distilleries in St. Louis.

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1220 Spirits

1220 Spirits is a botanically-inspired craft distillery founded by the exceptionally talented brewers at 4 Hands Brewing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 2018,...

StilL 630 Distillery

Missouri's most awarded craft distillery. Located downtown St. Louis, just south of the Gateway Arch, StilL 630 Distillery is a mad scientists dream come true...