On sunny days, residents and visitors alike enjoy spending time in Carondelet Park in St. Louis.


Founded by French explorers in 1767 and annexed by St. Louis city in 1870, Carondelet was once a melting pot of Spanish, Italian, Irish and Hungarian immigrants. Its history contains interesting tidbits; for instance, the ironclads used by the Union Army to conquer the Mississippi River during the Civil War were built in Carondelet by James B. Eads, who also built the famous St. Louis bridge that now bears his name.

Another fun fact: The Carondelet Historical Society is housed in the former Des Peres School building where, in 1873, Susan Blow established the first public kindergarten.

Over the decades, the neighborhood has managed to blend its historical significance with a newfound independence – and a touch of quirkiness. Visitors can marvel at the murals along South Broadway, raise a glass of craft beer from Perennial Artisan Ales and stroll through Carondelet Park, which hosts live music performances in the summer.

The spirit of Carondelet reflects its heritage. We encourage you to go for the history and stay for the food, drinks and entertainment.