A film production on the streets of St. Louis.

Location Manager Toolbox

Filming in St. Louis?

It is important to know that the St. Louis Film Office covers the City of St. Louis as well as the 90+ municipalities that make up St. Louis County. The map below will help determine where your production is taking place. If your production is outside of St. Louis City or St. Louis County, contact the Missouri Film Office.

Our location manager toolbox provides the information you need to simplify the process of filming in St. Louis City and County.

A map of St. Louis City & St. Louis County.

St. Louis Permitting Process

  • Register your production with the St. Louis film office.
  • Download the St. Louis Film Office Scouting Letter which should be given to all business and residents scouted for potential filming options.
  • The St. Louis film office does not issue traditional filming permits. Depending on your production logistics you may need to contact individual city services for required permits.
    • For productions in St. Louis City:
    • For Production in St. Louis County:
      • Please contact city hall in the municipality where you are filming. Each municipality has their own city services and may require additional outreach to accommodate your production needs. Please contact us if you run into any issues acquiring the information you need.
  • Once you have established your locations and acquired any permits you may need, download the Filming Notice. The notice should be customized for your production and distributed within a one block radius of your filming location and/or working truck line.
  • Provide the St. Louis Film Office, khiatt@explorestlouis.com, with a shooting schedule and daily call sheets once available.