Petlover Coalition

St. Louis Petlover Coalition puts pets first

St. Louisans wholeheartedly regard pets as companions and believe in saving as many adoptable pets as possible. St. Louis pet lovers formed the St. Louis Petlover Coalition in the spring of 2009 to address ways of working together to save more pets. Already, they are making a difference.

Organized by Nestlé Purina PetCare, the St. Louis Petlover Coalition is made up of animal rescue groups, shelters, veterinary organizations, and city and county health departments. Patterned after similar programs in Denver, Austin and New York, the coalition aims to improve animal welfare through shared goals and plans. Corporations, foundations, civic leaders, educational institutions, students, health care and social welfare groups are helping to provide support.

Setting a benchmark

The St. Louis Petlover Coalition is setting a benchmark as it develops a comprehensive plan for addressing animal welfare in the greater St. Louis area.

Among the goals are:

  • Increasing pet adoptions into nurturing, loving homes
  • Developing educational programs to promote responsible pet ownership
  • Increasing funding and availability for spay and neuter programs
  • Increasing adoptions of senior pets
  • Identifying volunteer opportunities
  • Developing community outreach programs
  • Increasing awareness of issues and opportunities in the St. Louis region that will help to improve animal welfare
  • Saving pets – putting more companion animals into loving homes – benefits everyone. With a shared focus on increasing the save rate of companion animals in the St. Louis community, the St. Louis Petlover Coalition is leading the way for amazing things to happen. In St. Louis, we love our pets, and it shows.