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ALERT: Visitors must enter the monument through the new west entrance, which faces Fourth Street and the Old Courthouse. The Gateway Arch legs have become exits only. Tram tickets will sell out early and often - advance tickets are strongly recommended. Please allow at least 30 minutes to go through security. Standing 630 feet tall, the Gateway Arch, our nation's tallest man-made monument, anchors Gateway Arch National Park (formerly Jefferson National Expansion Memorial) and stands as the iconic monument symbolizing the westward expansion of the United States. Get your tickets online, by phone, or in person at the Gateway Arch ticket center located inside of the new west entrance. The Gateway Arch experience includes the Tram Ride to the Top of the Gateway Arch, the all new Museum at the Gateway Arch, Monument to the Dream documentary movie, shopping at the Arch Store, the Arch Cafe and cruises aboard the Riverboats at the Gateway Arch.

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Amazing and beautiful monument
Reviewed By sealover12 May 2019

The tallest man made monument in the world is a must see if in St. Louis. It was on my bucket list but it surpassed my expectations. I wanted to just sit and stare at it and walk around it's huge...

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Crowded, but still a very fun experience
Reviewed By sale2081 June 2018

The new and improved Arch grounds surrounding the Gateway Arch made the experience great. In the past, construction around the area made it a pain to visit the Arch, but the redesigned grounds made...

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Park is much bigger
Reviewed By Orcinusmoon March 2019

I revisited after a decade and wow the park is huge. I loved the addition of the museum and the tram ride was about the same (except I think the observation deck was closed before)

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