Years ago, on a visit to Chicago, my wife nixed my deep dish for dinner suggestion and introduced me to my first bowl of ramen instead. There’s an old saying in Japan that goes something like, “don’t expect to necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment,” but I was fully aware. I’d been inspired, and from that inspiration, Nudo was born. Nudo is the celebration of how powerful food can be, and it’s fueled by my gratitude for its ability to make anyone feel at home anywhere. I first arrived in St. Louis many moons ago as a refugee from Vietnam, the city’s warm welcome, and support led first to the creation of Mai Lee, and now to the creation of Nudo. I wanted to bring St. Louis a unique ramen experience that would reflect its very own diversity. At Nudo, you’ll find rich ramen alongside aromatic pho, on a menu that’s been years in the making. You’ll find ramen that one of Japan’s foremost ramen chefs had a hand in crafting. And, most importantly, we hope you’ll find yourself feeling right at home.

6105 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63112

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Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm | Sunday 12pm-8pm

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