None of the Above serves experimental cocktails and savory snacks beneath City Foundry STL.

Journey Beneath City Foundry STL for Unexpected Cocktails at None of the Above

Tuesday March 19, 2024

By Rachel Huffman

Through a nondescript steel door marked by a single red light, past an illuminated electrical panel and down a series of tunnels, None of the Above provides an indulgent escape.

Located beneath City Foundry STL, the speakeasy-style lounge features a sophisticated beverage program curated by Fionna Gemzon, bar manager of Niche Food Group, alongside scrumptious small plates.

Classic cocktails range from a Brown Derby to a French 75 and a Jungle Bird to a Sazerac, but Gemzon suggests trying experimental cocktails, which will delight your taste buds with unexpectedly savory ingredients.

“St. Louis has dive bars aplenty, but we also have ingenious bartenders who make weird cocktails – weird in a good way. At least, they’re what I want to drink.”

– Fionna Gemzon

Would you ever expect to see, say, a biryani-spiced tincture in a cocktail? Well, it’s one of the main ingredients in Desert Flower, which also features Armagnac, aqará, sotol and pineapple.

Chronicles of a Disappearance blends apple brandy and Amaro Gorini with celery root, honey and za’atar, while In the Mood for Love marries black sesame rye, sotol and pimento dram with lemon, cumin and coriander.

“St. Louis has dive bars aplenty,” Gemzon says, “but we also have ingenious bartenders who make weird cocktails – weird in a good way. At least, they’re what I want to drink.”

For another option that’s the good kind of weird, try Fallen Angels with Lao Gan Ma chile crisp fat-washed tequila, Cynar, Cassis, lime and ginger beer.

“We’re aiming for an overall flavor profile in every cocktail,” Gemzon explains. “I’ve always loved cooking – and eating for that matter – and the way that flavors commingle in dishes applies to drinks, too. So, I take a lot of inspiration from food when I’m crafting cocktails.”

Perusing the menu, guests can likely guess which spirits Gemzon and her team find the most intriguing. “Whether it’s tequila, raicilla or sotol, we love desert spirits,” Gemzon says. “They have a unique vegetal flavor that you just don’t find in other spirits, and raicilla and sotol have added earthiness.”

Complementing the cocktails, the snacks are on the savory side – think popcorn tossed with candied ham and white Cheddar; charred scallion dip served with kettle chips; and chilled smoked mussels paired with sofrito and wakame rye crackers.

Intimate and elegant, None of the Above is the perfect date night spot for residents and visitors alike. Before you take your seat, though, check out other fun things to do at City Foundry STL.