Six Flags’ St. Louis’ Newest Ride Heats Up The Park In 2016

Thursday September 3, 2015

By Mark

Six Flags St. Louis, the Coaster Capital of Missouri, will heat things up in 2016 with the new Fireball.  This 7 stores tall ride will travel pendulum style, as they build up speed to soar head over heels.  Seated back to back guest will rock through a series of 360º revolutions stopping upside down for some insane hang time before reversing directions.

The new ride which is schedule to be open in late 2016 will be located in the Illinois section of the park where the Rush Street Flyer currently sits. This looping thrill ride will take guests a pure adrenaline rush as they go forward, backward and upside down.

This high-thrill attraction combines suspense and anticipation, and will be a hit with teens and families alike” said Dave Roemer, park president. “With the forward and backward motion as well as the inverted hang-time, Fireball will deliver the kind of intense thrills our guests have come to expect from Six Flags St. Louis.”

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Check out the video below: