Performers take the stage at The Boom Boom Room.

The Boom Boom Room Offers a Sparkling Escape from Reality

Tuesday December 6, 2022

By Rachel Huffman

Dance, comedy and aerial acrobatics. Feathers, sequins and sex appeal. Colorful cocktails and chef-driven menus. The Boom Boom Room has it all.

Located in downtown St. Louis, The Boom Boom Room is the largest burlesque club in the country – and the perfect place to escape from reality.

Owners Jim Callahan and Brandy Dunn Callahan have created a sparkling fantasy with the vibe of a vintage Las Vegas show. Guests can expect choreographed dances, spectacular aerial acts, dazzling fire shows and side-splitting comedy skits. If you’re up for it, there are also opportunities for audience participation.

So, grab your glitter and head to The Boom Boom Room, where friends and lovers of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

A woman in a purple feather headdress performs at The Boom Boom Room.
Photo courtesy of The Boom Boom Room

Here, Brandy continues to paint a shimmering picture of The Boom Boom Room experience.

What does The Boom Boom Room bring to the entertainment scene in St. Louis?

The entertainment scene in St. Louis is truly amazing; there’s always something to do. At The Boom Boom Room, we combine sultry burlesque, savory bites and witty banter, catering to bachelorette parties, adult birthday parties, date nights and nights out with friends. St. Louis has endless entertainment options for families – which is great – but sometimes you want to leave the kids at home and let loose with your friends. That’s when you should come to The Boom Boom Room. The show is fun, sexy, empowering – everything that you want it to be.

What are your favorite parts of the show?

I enjoy the big dance numbers that involve the entire cast. The numbers are elaborate and well-practiced, and we’re able to incorporate all the lights, music and costumes so that the productions wow you. We bring a lot of diverse entertainment to the stage, though, so there’s something for everyone.

You perform, correct? Tell me about your stage persona.

I do. I am Boom Boom LeCoeur. Channeling Josephine Baker, who is also from St. Louis, Boom Boom LeCoeur is fun and flirty. She has flair and class, and she likes to interact with the audience. I just love putting on my costume, starting my performance and seeing how the audience reacts. Their energy is invigorating, and performing makes me feel empowered. Growing up, I never saw myself on stage, but once I experienced the euphoria of performing, I couldn’t stop. Today, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

A woman uses a hoop and fire to dazzle audiences at The Boom Boom Room.
Photo courtesy of The Boom Boom Room

How do you attract talent to The Boom Boom Room?

Most of our performers are from the St. Louis area, but we also have a few people who moved to St. Louis to perform at The Boom Boom Room, which is really cool. In the future, we would love to hire traveling ensembles, dynamic duos and other unique acts to do multi-week runs with us.

The Boom Boom Room offers a dinner show every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tell me more about the fare.

Dinner theaters aren’t known for their cuisine – most of us just go for the show – but at The Boom Boom Room, we also emphasize the food. We want to be known for our world-class entertainment, food and drinks. We want each of them to stand on their own, and we’re lucky to have chef Andrew Currie, who previously worked as a sous chef at Peacemaker Lobster & Crab, leading our kitchen team.

The menu at The Boom Boom Room changes with the season, but past highlights include New York strip steak topped with garlic butter; bourbon-glazed pork medallions paired with roasted potatoes; and seared salmon topped with a blueberry-balsamic glaze and served with wild rice and seasonal vegetables. Chef Currie also offers vegan options such as wild rice with roasted asparagus and butternut squash. Wash it all down with a carefully crafted cocktail or ice-cold beer.

An acrobat performs during a show at The Boom Boom Room.
Photo courtesy of The Boom Boom Room

Have we piqued your interest? You can buy tickets to the critically acclaimed burlesque show here. The Boom Boom Room offers dinner shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as late-night shows every Friday and Saturday.