Exhibitor Information

If you will be exhibiting at an upcoming event at America’s Center, here are some resources you may need to help plan for your tradeshow booth or exhibit.


Company: Levy Convention Centers
Contact: Jenn Morrison
Phone: (314) 342-5243
Fax: (314) 342-5195
Email: jmorrison@levyrestaurants.com
Web site: www.levyrestaurants.com

America’s Center Catering is the exclusive provider of all food and beverage services in the Convention Center. Services include, but are not limited to, banquets, concessions, receptions, coffee breaks, portable restaurants and booth delivery.

Communication Services

Company: Smart City Networks
(888) 446-6911
Fax: (314) 342-5007
Email: cpendleton@smartcity.com

Smart City Networks is the exclusive provider of  telecommunications services at America’s Center. These services include all internet services (wireless and wired), telephones and any special data circuits.

Event Services

Company: Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services
Phone: (314) 342-5324
Fax: (314) 342-5384
Email: edlen@explorestlouis.com
Web site: www.edlen.com

America’s Center Event Electrical Services is the exclusive provider of all show management and exhibitor electrical requirements. Other exclusive services provided through this department are installation of any hard wire cabling for computers, voting systems and satellite dishes.

Security Services

Contact: Reggie Harris
Phone: (314) 342-5017
Fax: (314) 342-5040
Email: rharris@americascenter.org

America’s Center Security Services is the exclusive provider of all show management and exhibitor security services. Exclusive services include unarmed security guards, badge checkers, ushers, ticket takers, booth guards, doormen and medical personnel. Security Services will work with the show management to custom design a comprehensive security plan for each specific event.

Audiovisual Services

Company: Encore
Contact: Ryan Gunn
Director of Event Technology
Phone: (314) 775-3433
Email: ryan.gunn@encoreglobal.com

Contact: Ben Kovacevic
Sales Manager
Phone: (314) 779-7549
Email: Ben.kovacevic@encoreglobal.com

Main Phone Line: (314) 342-5074
Fax: (866) 224-0950

Encore is the exclusive provider of all audiovisual needs in the Ferrara Theatre and all rigging in the Ballroom (220 Complex). On a preferred basis, Encore provides all levels of Event technology including, sound, lighting, projection, rigging, digital services, virtual services, polling systems and much more. From small meeting room requirements to large and complex general session and entertainment needs including rigging in the Halls 1 thru 5 and full event support in The Dome at America’s Center.

Cleaning and Plumbing Services

Contact: Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services
Phone: (314) 342-5324
Fax: (314) 342-5384
E-mail: edlen@explorestlouis.com

America’s Center Cleaning and Plumbing Services is the exclusive provider of all booth and aisle carpet cleaning. Other exclusive services include carpet shampooing, display cleaning, porter service and any special cleaning requests. Plumbing services provided through this department include plumbing, compressed air and natural gas.

Concierge Desk

Contact: Paige Millard
Phone: (314) 342-5020
Fax: (314) 342-5040
E-mail: pmillard@americascenter.org

Easily accessible in the center of the facility, America’s Center Concierge Desk provides copy and fax services, message center services, baggage/coat check, computer usage, Internet access, restaurant reservations and St. Louis information. Operating hours are decided on an event-by-event basis.

Box Office

Contact: Craig Mulcahy
Phone: (314) 342-5036
Fax: (314) 342-5395
E-mail: cmulcahy@americascenter.org

America’s Center Box Office is the exclusive provider of all ticketing functions at America’s Center.