Energize St. Louis Civic Pride!

St. Louis has experienced an impressive resurgence over the past decade including a revitalized urban core, a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit and scores of new cultural, recreational and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike. The sense of momentum in St. Louis is palpable. Yet, some perceptions of St. Louis have not kept pace with the reality of the renaissance our community is experiencing.

The St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation is amplifying STL’s transformation by taking our case to businesses, schools, social clubs and residents through a variety of tactics including civic pride training, educational curricula, events, marketing and social media. Our goal is nothing short of a cultural transformation to create a culture of confidence and competitiveness to propel our growth and quality of life.

To join our movement and get involved with the St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation, contact Brian Hall at bhall@explorestlouis.com.

St. Louis Champions

We are creating an army of advocates known as St. Louis Champions!  By using our collective networks, we spread the word about the great things happening in St. Louis.  To become a St. Louis Champion, simply join our St. Louis Champions Facebook Group and we will keep you up-to-date on the latest St. Louis news.  Click on any of the videos below to hear insights from our Champions about how they contribute to the vitality and growth of the region.

Julius Anthony - President, St. Louis Black Authors of Children's Literature

Julius Anthony leads the way for the St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature, fostering awareness about the importance of early literacy.

David Sandusky - Owner/Pitmaster, BEAST Butcher & Block

David Sandusky is the Pitmaster behind the acclaimed barbecue restaurants BEAST Craft BBQ and the newly opened BEAST Butcher & Block.

Michael Woods & Neal Richardson - Co-Founders, Dream Builders 4 Equity

Micahel and Neal are providing youth access to a diverse set of assets through mentorship, entrepreneurship and leadership training.

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