Group Leaders

St. Louis is a great destination for groups of all types. If you have not visited St. Louis with one of your groups, now is the time to plan a trip that you won’t forget.  St. Louis offers great live music and music history, world class attractions (many of which are free), professional sports teams,  great food and group friendly accommodations.

If you are bringing your tour group to St. Louis, let us know, we can help you with hotel rates and activities that will keep you clients talking about the trip long after they arrive at home.

The St. Louis Hospitality Community is committed to offering group leaders the assistance they need in planning their destination tour. The St. Louis hospitality community will be your partner in developing tours that will delight you and your group. Please take a moment to find out for yourself why St. Louis is one of the top group tour destinations in the country for travelers of all ages.

Need more ideas? Contact Renee M. Eichelberger at (800) 640-4218 or (314) 992-0643, or via e-mail at [email protected].

ArchNational Blues Museum