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You can't miss the huge glowing neon Peacock sign hanging above the door that has won an award for the international best new sign in the world in 2015. Peacock Diner is a local establishment that offers a full bar, with eight beers on tap and two seasonal beers. They offer an extensive menu with American-burgers, breakfast classics, Asian-influenced dishes, salads, vegan dishes, homemade pies, and more. Inside, you will find on display pin-up art, unique decor and a "Carousel of Love," where you and a significant other or friend can leisurely watch a movie or play Playstation 4. For birthdays, the birthday person receives a free milkshake and the group gets a free appetizer. They offer discounts to students by offering "Bear Bucks," where students can use their school's currency to purchase food there. They are apart Green Dining Alliance that is focused on sustainability. They recycle their plastic containers, switched from plastic to metal ramekins and utilize paper straws. They've also recently installed a more energy efficient cooling system.

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Good diner menu, classic decor, great staff
Reviewed By HappyWheels October 2019

Several of us ate lunch at the Peacock Diner on the Loop. The menu was classic diner style...burgers, mac&cheese, various sandwiches, soups, salads, etc. I had one of the best turkey club sandwiches...

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College Fall break
Reviewed By 343staceyb October 2019

The Peacock diner is cute in the way it's decorated. The food was pretty good. The location was great for the college kids and the price was ok. The portion was not good depending on the meal...

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Came Back For Lunch
Reviewed By Anita K August 2019

We tried the Peacock Loop Diner last year for a great breakfast, so we decided to give lunch a try this time around. I ordered the corn dog and I honestly didn't like it but it's probably just...

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