Budweiser Burger Bar at Busch Stadium

Where to Eat at Busch Stadium

Thursday April 4, 2019

By Mark

We can’t guarantee a Cards win, but we can guarantee that you can eat well while you’re at Busch Stadium! Especially with this year’s big new addition, the Budweiser Burger Bar located on the fourth level Bud Terrace. The Burger Bar offers five burger options, including a “Taste of the Hill”, topped with provel, marinara sauce, and garlic aioli...plus two toasted ravioli. Don’t eat meat? No worries—there are vegetarian options, too! They also offer “Little Buds”—eight mini cheeseburgers on Hawaiian rolls.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with all your favorite Busch classics—and if the game goes into extra innings, you simply have more time to eat everything. There are few things in life more perfect than enjoying a bowl of hot and salty nachos while you drink a cold beer on a warm summer’s day. For the classic chips, cheese, and jalapenos pop over to any Gashouse Grill, but if you want to go wild with toppings, you need to stop at an El Birdos Nachos stand. Dress them up with onions, olives, sour cream, salsa, and more. A new addition this year is Country Bob’s pulled pork nachos (section 109), topped with queso blanco, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, banana peppers, and Country Bob’s BBQ seasoning.

Another new option that you can’t miss is The Mega Slice (sections 139 and 437). This is a 16” slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza.

The other obvious baseball game classic: hot dogs. Thankfully, you can’t walk 10 feet inside Busch without hitting a stand that sells hot dogs. You can get a normal dog at almost any stand, like the Gashouse Grill orBallpark Favorites, but for an all beef jumbo hot dog, you’ve got to track down a Nathan’s stand. If you feel like getting a little loco, there are also a few spots you can get a bacon-wrapped jumbo dog, plus the Red Bird Club Pretzelry offers a pretzel dog. Dizzy’s Diner sells footlong corndogs, too, if you think you’re up for it.

Near section 147, Kohn’s kosher deli has a cart, which is basically a must-visit for any meat lover. This St. Louis staple offers up a knockwurst so tasty that you’ll reconsider your normal hot dog order, plus their famous pastrami and corned beef sandwiches—sauerkraut and onions optional (but you should get them).

Still not enough meat for you? The Broadway BBQ features all your favorite smoked meats, including sausages, turkey, brisket, and the fan-favorite pulled pork. Get it as a platter with dill pickles and chips, or splurge for potato salad and coleslaw.

Fear not, healthy eaters: there are salads too! You can build your own at the Red Bird Club Italian Pizza Oven, or grab one at the 8th Street Market, Terrace Market, or Broadway Market.

If you—or especially your kiddos—have a sweet tooth, never fear, dessert is here! The ice cream of the future, Dip-N-Dots, still remains a favorite, and as with most dishes at Busch, you can get it in a cup or a souvenir Cardinals helmet. Of course, there’s always Ben & Jerry’s for classic ice cream, plus soft serve, dipped cones, and more available at most Gashouse Grills and Dizzy’s Diners. If you’d rather drink your dessert, keep your eyes peeled for a souvenir slushy vendor walking down the aisles (or if you’re looking for a boozy variety, head to the Back Stop Bar or Lime-a-Rita Cabana).

For something warmer, there’s Dinger’s Donuts, which serves freshly fried warm mini-donuts. Go all out and get them glazed with chocolate and vanilla, then finish them off with sprinkles and cinnamon sugar.