National Blues Museum

Singing the Blues

The National Blues Museum is located less than a block from the America’s Center Convention Complex and features innovative, interactive and technological exhibits. The Museum explores and preserves the historic significance of the Blues as the foundation of modern American Music, celebrates the genre’s various styles, and recognizes musicians who created, sustain and advance the art form.

National Blues MuseumThe 23,000-square foot facility includes multi-functional space for performances and events to accommodate anywhere from 15 to 450 guests. The facility educates guests in an entertaining environment that includes high impact technology driven experiences, a state-of-the-art theater, artifact-driven exhibits and robust public programming.

Few forms of American music can claim a history as long, as tradition-rich, and as complex as the Blues. Since its origins in the Deep South long ago, the Blues has been a bedrock for virtually all American popular music of the last hundred-plus years.

National Blues Museum - Marquise Knox

St. Louis is the perfect location for the National Blues Museum. It is centrally located on the “blues highway” between  Memphis and Chicago in America’s heartland. St. Louis is an integral part of the long history of the music that helped shaped our nation and tell the stories of pain, sorrow and life. Blues music has the ability to convey raw, genuine emotion and transform it into a visceral and cathartic experience, giving meaning and substance to every other type of music that has derived from it.

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