Boston Celtics Star Jayson Tatum sits down with Explore St. Louis to talk about his love for his hometown.

Get In The Know With Jayson Tatum

Enjoy the Warm and Friendly People

Jayson Tatum points to the warmth and friendliness of St. Louisans as what he misses most when he’s away. During the NBA off-season, Tatum enjoys coming home and spending time with his family including his son, parents and grandparents. He can be found enjoying the culinary scene in St. Louis (he is a huge fan of Imo’s), visiting The Magic House and Saint Louis Science Center and inspiring St. Louis’ youth through the work of the Jayson Tatum Foundation.

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum.

Meet Jayson Tatum

You know him as a four-time NBA All-Star with the Boston Celtics, but you may not know that Jayson Tatum grew up right here in St. Louis. See why he loves STL and continues to call the Gateway City home.

“We have great people…’Midwest nice’ is a real thing.”

Jayson Tatum

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