Get In The Know With Nikki Glaser

When It Comes To Live Entertainment, St. Louis Is Always On-tour

There’s a reason why Nikki Glaser, stand-up comedian, actress, podcast, radio and television host calls St. Louis home. From epic concerts at The Dome at America’s Center to the most intimate comedy venues like the Funny Bone in Westport, St. Louis is live every night of the week! So go on-tour in St. Louis with Nikki and check-out the scene!

“The people here are really excited about living here and showing it off. St. Louis is cool – we’re really funny, and we’re fun!”

Nikki Glaser

Meet Nikki Glaser

Nikki has been making people laugh for years through her hilarious stand-up act, podcasts, TV shows and more. Find out what she loved about growing up in St. Louis and why she decided to make it her permanent home again after living on both coasts.