Capitol Sports Continues Partnership with St. Louis & Commits to Three Year Agreement for Hosting Events in 2026-2028

Monday July 1, 2019

By Explore St. Louis Guest

St. Louis – Capitol Sports, a premier organization for volleyball training and tournaments has extended its partnership with America’s Center Convention Complex to host tournaments for three more years, taking them through to 2028.

The economic impact in St. Louis of the extended engagement will total just under $58 million: $19,026,248 in 2026; $19,277,084 in 2027; and $19,526,794 in 2028.  The tournaments are:

  • President’s Day Weekend Tournament 10,000 attendees, 3,500 peak rooms and 10,070 room nights per year. Economic Impact is approximately $6 million per tournament.
  • Dennis LaFata Gateway Bid Classic 6,000+ attendees, 2800 peak rooms and 8,430 total room nights.  Economic Impact for each tournament is approximately $4 million.
  • Mideast Volleyball Qualifier 15,000 attendees, 3,700 peak rooms with 10,260 room nights per year. Economic impact is approximately $9 million per tournament.

“We are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with Capitol Sports,” said Kathleen “Kitty” Ratcliffe, President of Explore St. Louis. “St. Louis is the perfect destination for organizations like Capitol Sports to host large, recurring events.  With the expansion of America’s Center, we’ll have more capacity and modernized facilities, plus guests enjoy all of the outstanding attractions and cultural venues our city has to offer.”

Capitol Sports held their first tournament in St. Louis in 2010 – the Nike Mideast Qualifier (MEQ). The tournament has grown to be the largest volleyball tournament in St. Louis – its March 2019 tournament at the America’s Center Convention Complex hosted 619 teams on 84 courts and 22,000 fans.

“As Capitol Sports tournaments grow, it’s important we have a host city with the facility capacity and hospitality services that can accommodate our teams and fans. The planned expansion of America’s Center in St. Louis will mean we can add more courts, allow more teams to play and host more fans to enjoy the games,” said Scott McQueen, Owner of Capitol Sports.

Capitol Sports Center is a premium sports facility located in Plainfield, Indiana. Capitol Sports Center has been providing the premier venue for volleyball training and tournaments in the Indianapolis area since 1995.