The vegetable top pesto at Vicia is served with raw, unadorned vegetables.

Vegetable Top Pesto Recipe

The vegetable top pesto at Vicia reduces food waste in the kitchen.

Vicia celebrates vegetable-forward cuisine, which spotlights beloved yet underutilized vegetables, making use of all their parts. In its three-course Farmers Feast, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and fresh, inventive recipes will flip your concept of modern dining.

Since the beginning, the vegetable top pesto has stood out on the menu. Bright and flavorful, the spread utilizes the leafy green tops of vegetables such as carrots, radishes and turnips, which often end up in the trash. Throw in the herbs from your garden, and you’ve got an unforgettable dish that will surely delight dinner guests.

Michael and Tara Gallina, the husband-and-wife duo behind Take Root Hospitality (Vicia, Bistro La Floraison, Winslow’s Table and Taqueria Morita), encourage you to get creative when you make the pesto at home. At Vicia, it’s served with raw, unadorned vegetables, while Winslow’s Table layers it with whipped ricotta and marinated tomatoes for a tasty tartine.

The vegetable top pesto also works well in pasta. Mix a dollop of pesto with a few glugs of pasta water, add a pat of butter and a sprinkle of Parmesan and stir until a creamy herb sauce forms.

Now, let’s start cooking!

Vicia Vegetable Top Pesto

2          cups vegetable tops (carrot, radish, turnip)
2          cups basil
1          cup parsley
½         cup pumpkin seeds, unsalted
6          cloves garlic, peeled
            juice of 4 lemons
1          cup extra-virgin olive oil
salt, to taste
freshly ground black pepper, to taste

| Preparation | In a blender or food processor, add vegetable tops, basil, parsley, pumpkin seeds, garlic and lemon juice; blend, approximately 15 seconds.

With blender or food processor on low speed, slowly pour in olive oil until pesto has emulsified. You might need more oil to get a smooth consistency. Season with salt and black pepper.

Taste and adjust flavor by adding more salt, black pepper or lemon juice.